What is i-Sport

Doing exercise can increase our metabolic rate and it is good for our health. However, doing exercise improperly would reduce effectiveness and might cause you injury. i-Sport can provide you an overview of the hereditary ability of your physical body, to improve the effectiveness and to avoid injuries. i-Sport contains 8 test items including Endurance, Explosive Power, Muscle Strength Response, Effectiveness of Strength Training on Body Contouring, Effectiveness of Exercise for Weight Loss, Sport Injury Risk, Bone Strength and Body Fat Content.
Suitable age :
6 months +
Specimen Required :
Turnaround Time :
About 4 weeks
Endurance is the ability of the body to maintain a specific strength load or quality of motion for a certain period of time. Maintaining a specific exercise intensity or quality of action is an indication of the level of endurance.
-In the field of sports, endurance plays a different role in different sports. It is the main factor that determines the level of athletes' ability. It also has a significant impact of the competitions.
-In learning, endurance can improve concentration
-It can help to improving health and quality of life, preventing injuries and increasing effectiveness at work
Explosive Power
Explosiveness means a machine or a person move to the furthest distance in the shortest time. Explosiveness also refers to the coordination, strength and speed of different muscles. Explosiveness composed of speed and strength
-Explosive power is a necessary sporting quality for many sports
Muscle Strength Response
Muscle Strength Response refers to the ability that rely on muscle contraction to overcome or resist resistance to complete the exercise. If there is no muscle contraction and diastolic force to pull the bones to process the exercises, human cannot walk or stand, and we cannot process the physical training and exercise.
-Human cannot escape to do the physical exercise without muscle strength
-Muscle strength can develop the body’s agility and pliability and to make the body and brain more agility
-Muscle strength is not only important to health, but also it can enhance the self-confidence, stress tolerance, and enhances social adaptability.
Strength Training Shaping Effect
Strength training is atype of physical exercise that specialize in the use of resistance to improve the strength, anaerobic endurance and size of muscles. Most of the strength training is anaerobic activity. But it also provides the benefits of aerobic training, which is to breakdown the lactate acid produced during the activity. Strength training can burn fat and build muscles. It can help us to keep fit by training the skeletal muscles and bones, increasing the body mass and losing body fat.
-Strength training can develop the muscles and bones, increase the body's muscle mass, reduce body fat and achieve the ideal weight
-Strength training can reduce fat and increase muscles, it also can avoid weight rebound
Effectiveness of Exercise for Weight Loss
Effectiveness of Exercise for Weight Loss refers to lose weight by doing exercises. It is one of the most effective way to lose weight.
-Even the people who have similar body condition and do the same amount of exercises, their effectiveness of weight loss also will be different.
-If a person who has great effectiveness of exercise for weight loss, they can have a great effect even doing low-intensity exercise
-You can have greatest effect of losing weight if you can do the correct exercise
Sport Injury Risk
The sport injury risk refers to the risk of physiological disorders and complications occurring in various human tissues or organs after exercise.
-Sports injuries are common in the young people because they like sports and actively participate in sports
-If there is no knowledge of emergency for sports injuries, it will result in the unnecessary pain and lead to regret in life long.
Bone Strength
The Bone Strength refers to the index of calcium and other mineral content in the bone. People need strong bones to support the body movements and they can also protect the heart, lungs and brain from trauma. The calcium in bone is an indicator of the strength of bones, and the bones also store the minerals that humans need for survival. Minerals give bone strength, making them too easy to break.
-It may affect the height become shorter if the bones are too fragile
-Fractures can make people lose their ability to stand and walk, and the bones are no longer to become strong again
Body Fat Content
The Body Fat Content refers to the amount of fat in the body. It is usually measured by the body fat rate, which refers to the proportion of body fat in the body as a whole. Normally, The Body Fat Content of adults is 15%-18% for men and 25%-28% for women.
-If the body fat content is too high, it can be regarded as obese. And it often develops physical problems such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cholecystitis.
-If the body fat content is in the lower limit of safety (i.e. male 5% and female 13%-15%), it may cause dysfunction.