What is i-Expert

i-Expert can provide an overview of your strength and ability so that you can plan ahead for success. i-Expert contains 7 test items including Performance IQ, Leadership, Trading Ability, Decision Making Ability, Reasoning Skills, Risk Taking and Stress Tolerance.
Suitable age :
6 months +
Specimen Required :
Turnaround Time :
About 4 weeks
Leadership is the ability to lead other individuals, teams, or the entire organization. It is a process of social influence. One of them can be assisted by others and supported by peers to complete a common task.
-For individuals, leadership is excellent management skills and personality
-For corporations and organizations, leadership is an indispensable spiritual force for enhancing cohesiveness, improving employee efficiency and enhancing corporate profits.
Trading Ability
Trading Ability refers to the ability of financial transactions and it can be used to measure the capabilities and quality of a financial trader. Financial traders may refer to traders or market makers.
-Trading power is very important in the capital market, especially the stock market, because it is immeasurable to the real economy.
-The study found that most of the professional traders were able to obtain the gene of KRK4P and COMP, and they also proved that genetics can make people become successful traders.
Decision Making Ability
In psychology, decision making is acognitive process. During the process, people can choose between options based on personal faith, or by evaluating each option before deciding or acting.
-Children began to have a psychological basis for feeling themselves about the age of three years, forming a strong independent intention and starting to make decisions
-Decision making is important because children’s future decisions will determine the path to their lives
-If there is a lack of decision-making training and habits, and independence and thinking skills will become very poor and that will perform the behavior of rely and retreat, the personality will become more indecisive also.
Reasoning Skills
Reasoning ability refers to keen thinking analysis, quick response, quickness of grasping the core of the problem, and making a reasonable and correct choice in the shortest time.
-Reasoning ability is a core factor of intellectual activity and has always been concerned by the psychology community.
-It plays an important role in logic, creativity, quality of thinking, children’s language expression and socialization.
-Children with stronger reasoning skills can grasp the core and focus in the future study or work, and improve the ability to solve problems
Risk Taking
Spirit of adventure or braveness refers to the ability to take risk. Brave people are willing to take a risk even when they realized that there is a cost or that failure may occur. A typical person with this characteristic has a desire to compete and loves to be adventurous.
-The study found that a person with a higher spirit of risk-taking is more satisfied with life and will be more perfect to finish task as they are well prepared.
-If a person who lacks of risk taking, he will be weaker in thinking, execution, perseverance, and stress resistance.
Stress Tolerance
The ability of stress coping is the ability to handle situations under external stressors. Having a low stress coping ability will negatively affect a person physically and mentally. People who have a strong stress coping ability can think calmly, find solutions to problems, and process things orderly.
-With the accelerated pace of life and the increasingly fierce competition in society, everyone must bear certain psychological pressure.
-If the Stress Tolerance is low, it will affect the psychological development and social difficulties of children or adolescents
-If the Stress Tolerance is low, It will cause psychological problems, such as loneliness, dependence, vulnerability, depressive personality, violent personality
Practical Ability
Practical ability, originating from the phrase "hands-on", is the scientific term for a hands-on operation. The cultivation of practical ability is not limited to "hands and feet". A deeper interpretation of practical ability refers to a child's practice, application, expression, and many other aspects of their overall quality.
-Practical ability can enhance children's ability to solve problems and innovation
-Practical ability can improve children's self-confidence